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Labrador Retreivers
A PLace To Read and Write about Your Labradors
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Fast Forward.....

Who would have thought I would have my own Labrador Retreiver one day. I was 25 years old and had my first Labrador purchased for me. She was the sweetest Labrador puppy. She was a minky sable brown with long soft ears and kind eyes. Out of all the puppies she picked me. She climbed up on my lap and snuggled in never leaving me. She had chosen her new home and that was the start of the best freindship a person can have with their pet.

Sable loved kids,cats,people and other dogs. She was my lovable foot warmer. Don't get me wrong she ate all the left heels off of my dress shoes. Went through a wall the first time she was left alone outside of her crate. I was shocked and in awe at the same time. Imagine getting home to sheet rock and dust everywhere. I no longer had a chocolate puppy I had a tan puppy... I can laugh about it now but I remember being mad at her and putting her in time out. She looked at me like " What did I do "? Broke my heart but I refused to give in. I made her stay there all five minutes.....

Everytime I left her she would whine and cry or destroy something of mine. Needless to say she went with me anytime I could take her. No matter what she did I took my responsibility of owning a pet to hert. I never gave up on her those puppy years.
Where to begin.....

I remember visiting a friend of mine I was about 8 or so I suppose. Sitting there was this jet black dog with velvet ears. His tail was thumping on the floor and his back legs quivering with excitiment. I bent down to pet him and got slobbered. Not your ordinary slobber we are talking slobber that would make you gag type of slobber. As I am backing up he jumps up and trips me and from that point it was on. I am screaming and the more I screamed the more he could lick inside of my mouth. The rotten brat new he had me. I clamped my mouth shut and the more my friend tried to save me the more he laid on me. Finally I gave up and he was happy with that and got off of me. I swear that dog was smiling.

I backed away from him and went to wipe the slobber off my face and hands. I steered clear of him the rest of the morning and he seemed content with that. My friend Shelby and I decide we are going to go to the roller rink that afternoon and as we are leaving he is very polite and nuzzles my hand goodbye. I think to myself he isn't that bad and as I slide my shoes on I notice that my right sock is soaked. I gingerly take my shoe back off and not only is my sock drenched it is smelly too. How can this be? I swear he hasn't slobbered since he mauled me this morning. He has been right next to me the whole time. Well almost the whole time he did go out to go to the bathroom. That is when the light bulb lit up. Oh he went to the bathroom allright.... Apparently he liked me enough to pee in my shoe. At that time I swore I would never have one of those horrible dogs the Labrador Retreiver. He was the devil.... That was my first time with a Labrador Retriever that was a pet not a working dog.
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